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Prince University

We Know Drama.

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Founded by the same fine ladies and gentlemen that brought you Prince Academy, Prince University is a highly competetive university made to meet the needs of the unique and diverse students of the high school that came before it. Though only recently founded, the school's faculty boasts some of the most brilliant minds of the world and state-of-the-art research facilities, attracting promising young men and women from around the world.

Unlike the high school, Prince University is located only a short train ride away from Dublin, Ireland, where students can enjoy all the vibrant city has to offer.

How to Apply to Prince University

The Prince Academy/Prince University Continuity

More Info on the Campus & Surrounding City

Location & Transportation: In Depth

Information on Dublin

Dorms & Other Living Accomodations

Dorm Roommate List

Taken & Available Characters

Student Contact List

Game Rules

Friend Add List

OOC Board: pu_studentunion

Story Background

After undergoing many years of construction in relative secrecy, Prince University is finally accepting students... already ready to be called a world-class university. Remembering their roots, the founders have offered generous scholarships to cover both tuition and living expenses to both current and former Prince Academy alumni as far as three years back. Academic and need based scholarships are also offered to high achieving incoming freshmen from around the world, drawing the world's best and brightest to their campus.

Prince University is both an offshoot of Prince Academy and its own alternate universe. Therefore, those who wish to start completely anew with their characters (both new players and PA players) may do so. More on that here.

New Age Ranges
First years: 18-19
Second years: 19-20
Third years: 20-21
Staff: 24+

The participating schools and their origins:
Hyoutei = Manchester, England
Rikkai = Munich, Germany
Seigaku = Ontario, Canada
Yamabuki = Dublin, Ireland
St. Rudolph = Paris, France
Rokkaku = Sydney, Australia
Fudomine = Tokyo, Japan
Jousei Shounan = San Francisco, CA, USA
American Senbatsu Team = Los Angeles, CA, USA
Shitenhouji = New Jersey, USA
Higa = Buenos Aires, Argentina